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Google image searching my favorite off-beat song lyrics! part II

“From the black silhouette of Abraham Lincoln trees” -Silver Jews from “Time Will Break the World”


Google image searching my favorite offbeat songs lyrics!

“I met a non-dairy creamer explicitly laid out like a fruit cake”- Guided By Voices from  “Hot Freaks”

Tight Quarters

the Feast

Via the AV Club….

The Record Low
Also Playing: Sissy Mena and Stephen Paul Smoker
sat jan 8 10:30 pm
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The Record Low probably knows where to get some good shit. On its latest record, Away From Us, the trio’s so fuzzed and blissed out that its members are either on expensive heroin or stumbling out of some weekend-long orgy, fully satiated. Listening to tracks like “Air Jordan” and “The Twin Lakes,” listeners might be hard-pressed to just say no. If shoegaze ever restored the pair My Bloody Valentine had, stopped giving a fuck about how arty it seemed, and just concerned itself with rocking instead, it would sound a hell of a lot like Sissy Mena. Pulsating with fuzz while also floating with gorgeous angular melodies, the energetic local trio manages to inject surf-rock levels of reverb into its washes of distortion without ever sounding overly busy or contrived.

And the winner is……

…Houses, but 7th ain’t bad and we’ll take it. What If I’m Wrong makes the Chicago Deli’s year end list. Thanks Deli.

January 8th

Saturday January 8th. the Record Low, Sissy Mena, and Stephen Paul Smoker at Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave). Pre-sale tix avail. at
It’s a late show (starting at 10pm). Look out for a handful of songs of the upcoming full length.

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