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Album/Show update

Okay,  the new record is done. Instead of 21 songs, we are going to break it up into two 10-11 song full lengths.  Releasing the First one Mar. 25th at the Whistler in Chicago.  Also playing: Isaac Pierce (ten-speed).  and DJ’s Joe Proulx and Al Valentine.  It’s a fee show come early .  Look for the second in early May.  Also: new show added…Sat. Mar 27th in Milwaukee at the Cactus Club.  the Record Low, Jt and the Clouds and Vega Star.


new music online!

new single is done (under the rust/the last time) also, the previous single (immediate family/what if i’m wrong) has been re-mixed..nothing major, just a few tweaks here and there…sounds better. tracks are up on for a hard copy come to the show this Saturday at Double Door (see below). Can’t make it? Email us at and we’ll work it out…

Another Show/Another Single

We are playing in Chicago at Double Door this Saturday (the 26th, September).  Should be a great show start to finish.  Oh My God headlines, Brighton MA get things started, and the Record Low plays second.  Doors at 9pm, show starts at 10pm. ( for more info)

ALSO:  We will be releasing another single at this show. We also remixed the previous single (immediate family/what if i’m wrong).  Too make things easier, we are going to jam everything on one disc.  Again, only 200 copies. Free while they last.  Can’t make it to the show, and still want the new tracks?  shoot me an email at

See you soon


Hi.  Friday August 21st we are playing in Chicago at Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave).  Joining us will be the Fake Fictions, Flatbear (from Madison, WI), and DJ Worcester County.  We were aiming to release the new record, unfortunately that’s not going to happen.  WE WILL however be releasing a new two song single.  It’s FREE to the first 200 people to make a point of asking for it.  Both songs will wind up on the full length when it’s finished.  We are close now but, after nine months, no use in rushing at this point. It’ll be done soon…. In the meantime, please enjoy the new songs, pass them on, download/upload them, do whatever you like with them…See you soon.

New music on Myspace coming too, look for it this weekend…

New shows in April

doubledoorApril08April 10th Cafe Montmartre w/This Bright Apocalypse – Madison, Wisconsin

April 11th Subterranean w/ JT and the Clouds – Chicago, Illinois

New Show(s)/New Record/New Year

It has been awhile. Happy New Year. Haven’t played out in a couple months. We’ve been really busy working on the new album. Gotten quite a lot done. Still recording though; mixing, mastering and releasing soon. Can’t Wait. In the mean time we are going to start playing some shows around Chicago. The first one being on Friday February 6th at Double Door.

Joining us will be Skybox , Mr. Gnome , and Awesome Gary.  Tickets are $5 at the door and we would love to see you there.




1.”THANK YOU” to everyone that made it out to the show at the Empty Bottle…(this is a little overdue, but nonetheless sincere)

2. We are playing in Chicago at the The Metro on Saturday October 11th. Catfish Haven, Brighton Ma and Rego play as well. Caftish and Brighton are both releasing records. The Record Low plays second @ 9:45. Jordy Kozer will be on the skin tip.

3. We are still recording, the album is almost done. Seriously.