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Hi all.

Hi all. We are playing next Wednesday (the 26th) at Schubas. It’s the day after Christmas, and in keeping with the holiday spirit we’ll be giving away copies of a short live ep recorded last month in New York. There’ll be a limited run of 150 or so and we probably won’t print anymore after this. Our way of saying thank you to all of our friends.

Also playing Wednesday are Pistols at Dawn and Joe Pug. The show starts a bit earlier..(doors at 7, Pistols and Joe at 8 and 9, respectively, and the Record Low at 10). Hope you can make it. This will be the last show Hank and I play for while. After the New Year, we are going to disappear for a bit and start working on the new record, which should be done in the spring.

happy holidays


Game of pricks…

is a Guided by Voices song, and it’s awesome. the Record Low is playing this saturday at the Empty Bottle. We go on around 11:30. Come early to catch Bad Veins and the Swimmers (both good bands from Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively). Hope everyone is staying warm in Chicago.

It’s freezing, literally, outside which means it’s time to start recording our next album which will be out early next year. In the mean-time (?) we’ll be releasing a live e.p., which should be out in some fashion in the next week or so….see you soon.

friends/Empty Bottle this Saturday/New songs…

Hi. We are playing this Saturday at the Empty Bottle. Justin is no longer playing drums with us. Instead we will be having our friends, both old and new, join us on stage to play some songs/make a racket. It’ll be pretty loose. Hope you can make it. Bad Veins and the Swimmers play also. We go on around 11:30/midnight-ish. Also, i’ll be posting some new songs on the Myspace player from our Show in New York very soon. They’ll be downloadable…feel free to do that…