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The Record Low this Saturday at the Empty Bottle

Hi. We are playing this Saturday at the Empty Bottle. Justin is no longer playing drums with us. Instead we will be having our friends, both old and new, join us on stage to play some songs/make a racket. It’ll be pretty loose. Hope you can make it. Bad Veins and the Swimmers play also. We go on around 11:30/midnight-ish. Also, i’ll be posting some new songs on the Myspace player from our Show in New York very soon. They’ll be downloadable…feel free to do that…


News update

Seasons are changing here again Chicago. Looks like things are starting to come together for the fall. We’ll be playing in Chicago on Friday November 2nd at Subterranean. I’ll post the details for the show soon. After that, we’re going to be playing a handful of shows around the midwestern area of the US and possibly a few out east…again, details soon.

Here Comes the Flood and Hard to Find a Friend, two weblogs about music, recently featured our album “Here to Stay”. Both sites are definately worth checking out if you are looking for some new and interesting music…and speaking of albums, we’ve started working on our next one. It should be out early next year….See you soon.

Its Hard to Find a Friend – Review

Here to Stay

Every weekend I try to find time to make my weekly delve into the stack of promo material I have received that week via email, snail mail, smoke signal, or teleportation. It’s a long and arduous road at times, so when a pleasant surprise emerges from the noise it’s always a nice feeling. One such surprise met me tonight as I was making the rounds.

The Record Low are a band from Chicago, IL. Who have recently released a record called Here To Stay, that is well worth your attention. I’m a big fan of albums that are quality on all fronts (note to bands who submit music: an aesthetically pleasing package is every bit as effective in the first impressions as anything I can think of), and Here to Stay is a very pretty piece of purchasable music.

The songs are an interesting mix of influences, hard to pinpoint a solid list of RIYL’s, but I would throw out a few names that wouldn’t make sense together if I were asked. These Girls reminds me a bit of Belle & Sebastian with it’s meandering drum beat, steady wurlitzer, and poignant background chirps…and then a harmonica comes in. Southern State is a pleasing bit of Americana, a strong vocal and narrative of lost luck move gracefully over a capo’d minor key guitar line, shakers move in the background nearly unnoticed, and a steady foundation of “oooh’s” are very well layered.

The direction is even more skewed when tracks like The Bullet and the Arrow and The Bottom, owe more to fuzz-laced basement rock then than anyone previously mentioned. With most bands this would be bad thing, making a record feel like a poorly-made mixtape, but a strong and recognizable thread in the vocal and songwriting department save it from such fate. What I’m saying is: there’s a bit for everyone, but you won’t forget who you’re listening to.

Here Comes the Flood – Review

The Record Low: Here To Stay

Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here To Stay

When Chicago band The Record Low released Here To Stay they were a foursome. Since then Markes Hartnett has quit the band to complete his teaching degree. The new trio has a harder sound and so this album is a testament for what used to be.

There’s a bit of the Replacements and early seventies Stones in their songs when they turn up the volume. Big Star comes to mind when they switch to acoustic, with sound effects lurking in the background to ensure that the listener is aware that this is a 21st century album.