….and we’re back!

Hey all!  Gearing up for a big summer.  We are done tracking our new full length record.  Heading in to start mixing in a little over a week.  We are very excited about this one, and look forward to doing a much larger release/pressing for it.  The album won’t be available til late summer, HOWEVER we are playing a couple of hometown shows in early June. There is also talk of dusting off a couple of oldies as well…


Saturday June 9th @ the Old Town Art Fair (5:30pm)

Out doors, a solid line up on both days (Saturday and Sunday).  The Old Town Art Fair is one of the top 10 art fairs in the country, and celebrates it’s 63rd anniversary this year.  Sculpture, Paintings, Screen Printing, Performance, Music, Food, Booze and (most importantly) Sunshine (or Sunburn in my case).

Thursday June 14th @ Subterranean (8pm)

We are equally excited for this show.  It’s been awhile… and the line up is great.  Quarter Mile Thunder is a fantastic Chicago band fronted by Ben Clarke who, if your reading this, you probably already know, or at the very least should know.  Internet savvy types can find more info, or click on the link(s) above.  Chris Bathgate is from Ann Arbor, MI.  He sets things off at 8:30 and is an amazing song writer as well.  Come early and check him out.

In addition to musical performances, there will be some original  show “art” (and i am using this term a bit liberally) for sale. And if that wasn’t enough, the infamous Ill Topo will DJ.

so yeah, that’s about it.  let’s recap:

  • New album = almost done, mixing and out by the end of the summer.
  • Old Town Art Fair June 9th = a great way to spend a saturday afternoon outside, wear sunglasses, see lot’s of bands, and art (duh)
  • Subterranean June 14th =  sport your new tan in a darkly lit venue where everyone looks attractive, after going to dinner somewhere in wicker park.  Check out  some bands, catch up with some old friends, make new ones, weare a cool shirt, maybe buy a poster, or a cd and then when it’s all said and done, drunkenly eat a hot dog you bought from a street vendor then ride your bike home.

see you soon


A Coast to Coast Carpet of Love

It’s been a long summer here in Chicago.  As it starts to wind down, we are gearing up for a busy fall.  We’ve managed to squeeze a handful of recording sessions in for the new Rec Low full length.  It’s getting there.  We aquired quite a bit of new gear, a new (much larger) practice space, broken ground on a handful of side projects (proof of which should be available by the end of the year), and started mixing/mastering a collection of instrumentals. 

We’ve also lined up a couple of great shows for October and November…

On Sunday October 23rd we will be playing at the Beat Kitchen with Young Prisms and Sleepcomesdown. Young Prisms are from San Francisco, CA and Sleepcomesdown are from Milwaukee, WI.  for more info (i.e. tickets, time, directions etc…)  click here

On Friday November 18th we are playing at Subterranean with Sissy MenaRites, and Lightfoils.  We’ve played with Sissy Mena before.  They’re fantatstic, and we are psyched to be playing their record release show.  for more info click here

Rock and Roll Pigroast Sept. 24

Artist Feature: The Record Low

Petey Pablo, Bojangles, and a pack of Winston Lights in a Winn-Dixie parking lot. If your feeling lucky, you can seal the deal with a McFlurry and a D.U.I.

OTAF 2011

The Record Low is playing the OTAF this summer.  Sunday June 12 @ 3:30.  At the very least, you can watch me get sunburned.

In other news, we are still working on a new full length album.  Hoping to have that wrapped up by the end of june/early july.

More shows to come, stay tuned.

Empty Bottle 3.31.11/New record(s)

Just lined up an early spring show.  Playing Thursday 3.31 at the Empty Bottle.  Joining us will be Hospital Garden and the F.Y.K.M.A.’s.  Tix are free with RSVP (email rsvp@emptybottle.com. record low in the subject line and your full name in the email body. you should get a reply confirming…) or $8 at the door…

In other news:  We will be heading into a studio for 3 or 4 days in March to do some recording…shooting for a spring release.  Also, expect an album of instrumentals sometime in the next month or two, mixing now..


Thanks Chad.


google image searching my favorite offbeat song lyrics part IV

“Amateur sea salt gatherers colonize.” -Pavement from “Fin”

google image searching my favorite off-beat lyrics! part III

“They bring them to the factory, were the heart attack machine is strung across their shoulders”- Bob Dylan from “Desolation Row”